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Become a Partner for Positive Change in our community.

Capital Arts is doing amazing things and we need you to help us continue our good work.

We need partners for positive change, like you. We invite you to create a vibrant, thriving Jefferson City through Capital Arts many programs. Together, we can offer Art Heals, free community art activities at events such as PorchFest or KidsFest, and even events such as Chalk Art which is offered at no charge. A partnership with Capital Arts ensures ongoing support for Community Art Exhibits, Gallery Exhibitions, our newly opened community ceramics studio, or the many classes and workshops within our gallery and studios. As a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, Capital Arts relies on support from community members, such as you, to continue to offer our free programs as well as support the studio costs associated with our classes. Our organization offers memberships at various levels for both artists as well as patrons of the arts to support and encourage the continued growth of art in our community. We invite you to cement an ongoing relationship with the art community by supporting Capital Arts.

Together we can build a better community for everyone!



The perfect starting point for any artist. Helpful for networking and offers a discount for gallery exhibitions


At this level, artists not only get support from the artist community and exhibit discounts, we also include

you in our new online directory of local artists along with your contact info and links to your personal websites.



What does your partnership look like at this level?

Keeps the Imagination fully stocked

Purchases 50 pounds of clay

Supports community events such as Chalk Fair


What does your partnership look like at this level?

All of the support listed above PLUS:

Community activities at events such as Porchfest. These activities include community murals

or even small clay projects for those who can’t normally attend one of our classes

Funds one Art Heals instructor


What does your partnership look like at this level?

All of the support listed above PLUS:

Funds one Art Heals program

Purchases 100 illustration boards for high school students participating in the

annual High School Sketch Day

Supports Gallery operation costs, allowing us to support local artists and

continue to offer opportunities to the community.

7 Courtney Lyon BEST IN SHOW.jpg

Your support at any level goes a long way to creating a vibrant and thriving community!


Plus…ALL MEMBERS AND PATRONS receive 10% our classes, workshops and camps.

All year long.

Your support allows us to continue to encourage, promote and support the arts in our community.


Capital Arts is a non-profit arts organization impacting thousands of lives in the community -- from artists, children, patrons, students and the community as a whole. We focus on promoting and providing services in the visual arts by offering education and art opportunities to the public and providing a beautiful venue for practicing artists. You may recognize us from our annual Chalk Art Competition, or our involvement in the longstanding High School Sketch Day event. Unfortunately, without the support of local business leaders, we are at risk of closing our doors. Your support will ensure that chalk art, gallery crawls, Art Heals, Imagination Station, Community Ceramics Studio, our Gallery and all other Capital Arts events are possible for our community. With enough support, new programs may grow and more people can be reached. Capital Arts continues to see a greater interest each year in our community art programs, for both kids and adults. We sincerely thank you for partnering with Capital Arts! Please contact us if you have any questions about our mission, our programs or how your money will make a difference for art inour community.

Are you ready to be a Partner for Positive Change in our community?
Supporting the arts in our community is quick and easy!
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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