High School

Sketch Day 2021

Capital Arts and Historical City of Jefferson are excited to sponsor High School Sketch Day 2021.  Please help promote art by encouraging participation.  

Sketch Day Details 

​All Things Sketch Day 

  • Monday, May 3rd 11am – 5:30pm

  • Registration Here – By End of Day Friday, April 23rd

  • Students should pick up sketch boards the morning of Monday, May 3rd

    • Capital Arts will provide a list of registered students to teachers no later than Tuesday, April 27th.

  • Artwork should be turned in to teachers on Tuesday, May 4th

    • Artwork will be collected from schools/teachers

Note: Students are expected to plan for bad weather.  An alternate location or a location that provides shelter from rain or wine should be predetermined. 


  • Beginners - Intro to Art, Art I Class, or No Art Classes Completed

  • Advanced – Completed introductory art class.


Awards will be given for each category: Beginners and Advanced.

  • $200 First Place

  • $150 Second Place

  • $100 Third Place

  • $60 Honorable Mention

Medium Choices

Students must select their medium at the time of registration. 

  • Pencil or Colored Pencil

  • Watercolors or water- soluble paints such as gauche, watercolor pencils, acrylic

  • Ink/Ink Wash

  • Oil Pastels, pastels, wax crayons

  • Digital Art (original artwork created on an electronic device.  This does not include photography. 

    • Students will be responsible for having digital art printed in at least an 8.5 x 11 inch paper. 

  • Clay​

  • Mixed Media

Sketching Boundaries and Subject Matter

  • Focus on building and architecture

  • Must be located within the Jefferson City