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Quarantine Expressions

Judges Statement, by Leann Porrello


After being quarantined myself throughout 2020 I was very excited to judge, Quarantine Expressions and really see and feel what people went through during the year and how they expressed themselves through artwork. I based my decisions off the following 4 categories:

  1. Beauty in Art - shapes, patterns, symmetry, colors, textures, compositions, movement and flow

  2. Skill & Technique - the knowledge and application of chosen medium

  3. Inherent Meaning of Theme / Fulfilled intent - statement, emotions, story

  4. Uniqueness or originality


 Award Winners

Best in Show

Then Came the Lockdown,  by Rodney Burlingame

1st Place 

Pandemic 2020, by Janis Burgin

2nd Place 

Jimi Hendrix, by Garrett Jackson

3rd Place

Pandemic Yoga, by Gail Leivian

Honorable Mention

Tears & Rain, by Fred Schollmeyer

For the Greater Good, by Curtis Hendricks

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