Capital Arts
Monday-Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 1pm-4pm
Sunday 1pm-4pm
1203 Missouri Blvd
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Capital Arts is honored to be supported by the following individuals and businesses.
If you or your business are interested in becoming a member we are renewing for Fiscal Year 2018-2019, please call
573-635-8355, email •This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it• , or join here.  Thank you!


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Membership Options

Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Community Membership

Benefactor Membership

Patron Membership

Robert and Annell Bailey

Ken and Ann Littlefield

Vicki Myers

Advocate Membership

Friend Membership

Tyler Beck

James Crabtree

Firehouse  Design

Lucia and Duncan Kincheloe

Alberto and Judith Lambayan

Sharon Naught

Norman Nelson

Jeff Pahlman

I Lynn Garriott Porter

Norma Rose

Carol and Jeffrey Sanders

Cheryl and Rod Schweitzer

JoAnn and Larry Steinmetz

Family Membership


Ithaca and Clara Bryant

Caryl Collier

Brian and Peggy Conley

Mike and Carol Craighead

Lloyd Grotjan

Mr. and Mrs. D. Hawes-Davis

Shelly Hittner

Jan and Steven Houser

Janie and Dave Johnson

Richard and Kristie McGonegal

Robin Michitsch

Stu and Mary Ann Murphy

Jimmy Kay and Jack Sanders

Vicki Schildmeyer

Charles Skornia

Warren and Joan Solomon

Individual Membership


Karen Basel

Gregg Bexten

Christine Boston

Renate Brady

Carol A. Bramon

Stacy Brown

Sara Lou Brydon

Janis Burgin

Susan Capehart

Stephanie Clark

Kathleen Dake

Carol Davidson

Doris Davis

Paul Douglas

Jessica Dulle

Roseleen Dulle

Sharon Gulick

Julie Hall

Paula K. Hartsfield

Katharyn Hajaved

Barbara Hiatte

Dan Hood

Judy Jecman

Phil Jones

Sherrie Koechling

Cindy Larrick

A.C. Lindquist

Jim Logan

Karel Lowery

Sharon Lueckhenhoff

Suzanne Luther

Tony Lutz

Janet Mauer

Mary Meinhardt

Paula Nordstrom

Heather Pirner

Amy Potts

Stephen & Beverly Price

James Roach

Carol Robertson

Jeanne Russell

Nancy Samp

Fred Schollmeyer

Kristi Schrimpf

MaryAnn Semkin

Charles Skornia

Jennifer and Shane Slouha

Alan Stoutz

Sue Strong

Ann Whaley


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