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Katherine Rodgers

Katherine Rodgers is primarily a self-taught contemporary artist attempting to achieve excellence in realism with acuity for color theory and composition.  She initially learned to paint at the age of 13 at the Glassel Junior School of Art in Houston, Texas.  As the proud wife of a soldier and mother to three beautiful children she has traveled the world and has found that it is the small things and special moments that she wishes to capture and share through her paintings. Ultimately, we might have missed these special thoughts and spaces she presents in her work. Perhaps it is the silence that is rarely there that she translates through her favorite medium of watercolor. She only recently started watercolor painting in the last three years and has used it to express what we see in our mind, the limits we have to translate them and the need to find agreement between the two. Today her artwork is part of private art collections in a number of states and countries. She has exhibited work in national and regional shows, both juried and non-juried events.

To personally inquire about her work or to purchase prints and greeting cards, please email her.


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